Scholarships and Payments

  • Incoming Students
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  • Incoming Students

    • During Mevlana Exchange Program students continue to take their other scholarships and grants in their home countries and they have to do registration in their home institutions.
    • They pay tuition fee to their home institution if they are supposed to and they do not pay any other tuition fee to the host institution.
    • For the academic year 2019-2020 incoming students to Turkish higher education institutions from other countries will receive a grant of 1200 TL monthly.
    • One semester will be counted as 4 months. 80% of the total amount of the scholarship will be paid to the student at the beginning of his/her study. The ratio of total credits from courses successfully completed by the student, compared to the number of obligatory courses taken by the student will be used to calculate the rest of the student's grant payment.
    • In terms of the scholarships that will be paid to the students, 80% of the scholarship amount is paid monthly. For the student's remaining grant payment, the ratio of total credits of the succeeded courses to the courses that the student is obliged to take as obligatory courses will be considered.
    •  In the case of insufficiency of the funds for Mevlana Exchange Program, providing the correspondence with other principles, student mobility can be carried out by other scholarships or without scholarship.
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