Country- Based Programs

In 2017, the Country- Based Mevlana Exchange Program was initiated by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE). The objective of this program is to develop new scientific and technological cooperation between Turkish and Foreign higher education institutions of specific countries by supporting the mobility of graduate students and academic staff. Call for projects will be on annual basis.

Based on this program all state universities from Turkey and recognized universities of the partner foreign country are eligible for the project submission. The partner universities have to submit the same project to the CoHE in Turkey and the related authority of the foreign country at the same time. Joint applications will be submitted on prescribed form (for the Turkish part on the website of the CoHE and for the foreign partner country on the website of its focal point authority). A joint committee of the CoHE and the related foreign authority will be the responsible to the final section of the proposed projects. Mutually selected projects will be co-fined by Turkey and the foreign partner country.

In July 2017 between Turkey and Pakistan “the Call for Projects for Pak- Turk Researchers’ Mobility Grant Program 2017” has been released and similar arrangements with other countries is in progress. Deadline for submission of Joint Proposal is on 31 August 2017. Announcement of the awarded projects are in October 2017.

Contact person for the program  in Turkey is :  Mrs. Aysegul Kutay Gundogan, Director of  Academic Exchange and Support Program Division, Council of Higher Education (CoHE), Email:

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