Student Mobility for Traineeship

Application Process for Erasmus Traineeship in ALKU




Our partner institution should nominate the student/s by sending an e-mail to our office by


2.Required Documents


2.1. First step is the preparation of Online Learning Agreement for Traineeship


You should log in Online Learning Agreement web site by clicking here and fill in the OLA for trainees part according to the instructions inside the web site then it is going to be sent to our e-mail address for us to sign it digitally as well ( ) however you had better send it (in PDF format) by e-mail (The Subject of the e-mail has to be: Your name and Surname / your institution’s name / Erasmus Traineeship. Our Erasmus Office Responsible person will direct the document to the Institutional Coordinator and get the document signed. Then we will send the LA to you for your and your institution’s signatures.


2.2. Application form  should be filled online and you must upload some documents including a passport size photo.


2.3. Transcript of Records should be in English and uploaded in the application form.


2.4. Copy of passport should be in English and uploaded in the application form. (Make sure your passport is valid for the entire duration of your intended stay in Turkey)


ALKU does not have a university dormitory yet, so contact us for a recommendation.


You should send an e-mail to our office ( to inform us about your application by wiritng "Your name/surname-Erasmus+ Study/Trainee Student" to the subject part of the e-mail. 


If your traineeship application is accepted by our departmental coordinator and signed by our instutional coordinator, we will email you an Acceptance Letter and only after that you must start to apply for Visa.




Visa regulations differ from country to country. Therefore, it is wise to contact to Turkish Embassy in your country to get valid information or check the website of Turkish Foreign Affairs about visa regulations. Please note that you have your passport (not ID card) with you during your exchange in Turkey. Once you come to Turkey you will apply for resident permit for longer stay than 3 months.




4.1.Your country may have a Social Security Agreement with Turkey. In that case, you should demand the forms listed below from your Social Security Office. You should get the original forms in both languages. This form needs to cover your Erasmus period in Alanya. 


  • Albanian Students; request "AL/TR 4"
  • Austrian Students; request "A/TR 3" 
  • Belgian Students; request "BT 8" 
  • Bosnia-Herzogevinan Students; "BH/TR 4"
  • Czech Students; request "TR/CZ - 111" 
  • Dutch Students; request "N/TUR 111" 
  • French Students; request "SE 208-06 A TF and SE 208-28 FT"
  • German Students; request "T/A - 11" 
  • Luxembourgian Students; "L/TR 3"
  • Macedonian Students; request "MC/TR 4"
  • Romanian Students; request "TR/R3" 
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Students; request "K.K.T.C/T.C.3"


4.2.If your country does not have an agreement with Turkey. You may obtain health insurance from a private company which has to have a branch in Turkey. Your insurance documents need to be filled in Turkish.

4.3.The last but the not least, you may obtain your health insurance once you come to Turkey.


What To Do Once You Got To ALKÜ?


1.Come to our Erasmus Office and meet your “Erasmus buddy” who will help you to get used to Alanya and ALKU. He/she will help you through your visit here in our lovely city.


2.Find your mentor.


Your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator is your mentor. He/she will help you about your academic matters throughout your exchange period in ALKU. If you have applied for an administrative body of ALKU to process your traineeship (such as International Relations Office), your mentor will be the responsible person in that office.


4.Apply for your Resident Permit (If you will stay less than 3 months you do not to get this document)


All international students in Turkey, regardless of status, must register with the Foreign National Departments of the Police Headquarters to obtain Residence Permit (İkamet Belgesi), within a month of the entering Turkey. The students who will stay in Turkey longer than 3 months, have to apply for residence permit within one month after their arrival to Turkey.


Documents required for the residence permit application:


1.Biometric photos (4)

2.Copy of the pages of the passport showing the entry stamp to Turkey, page with personal data and if a visa is obtained also the entry visa page

3.Document certifying that the student is an Erasmus student for the term (provided by the International Relations Office)

4.Printout of the application form (online application)

5.Residence permit fee

6.Health insurance


(Please note: If you cannot obtain a residence permit during your exchange period, you will pay a fine on your way out of Turkey and legal authorities can deport you.)

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