Dear Students, Dear Teachers

As ALKÜ Erasmus Institution Coordinator, we found that only 15% of our students who took the Erasmus English Proficiency Exams held in 2017-2018-2019 were successful. Besides, in return to our students, our students are hesitant to take the English exam, they think they can not benefit from the Erasmus program, they are worried about going abroad, and so on. information. For this reason, we decided to offer a free course to motivate our students to participate in Erasmus and prepare them for the Erasmus English Proficiency Exam to be held in the last week of February 2020.

As a coordinator, we attach great importance to the use of the Erasmus program by our students from almost every department. Besides, we want the students of our Vocational Schools to benefit from the Erasmus program (especially Erasmus Internship Mobility) to the maximum extent. For this reason, we favor positive discrimination against our associate degree students and undergraduate departments that have not previously sent Erasmus students.

Course Objectives:

1) Our main objective is to ensure the participation of students who are successful in their courses but cannot attend our program because their English is not sufficient. 2) A2 level of our students whose English level is A1; We aim to increase our A2 level students to B1 level. A2 level is sufficient for internship mobility, B1 level is sufficient for learning mobility. 3) We are aiming to benefit from Erasmus program for 100 students including education and internship together with the successful and successful students.

Course Places and Quotas:

Estimated Course Length: 3 months (November-December-January)

1) Kestel Main Campus (Quota: 200) 2) Akseki Vocational School (Quota: 25) 3) Gazipaşa MRB Vocational School (Quota: 25)

Requirements for application to the course:

1) Only 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students can apply. 2) The GPA must be at least 2.20 for associate degree and bachelor's degree and 2.50 for graduate degree.


1) Our quota is limited to 250 people. Accordingly, 250 students with the highest GPA will be admitted to the course. 2) Quota-based quotas will be established to ensure a fair distribution for each department according to the number of applications. The reason for this is that our students from each department benefit from our course.


1) It is very important for us that the students who want to attend our course are really willing to go abroad with Erasmus. For this reason, students who do not come to the courses 3 consecutive times or who miss the 4-day course intermittently will be removed from the course regardless of their excuse and will be entitled to substitute students. 2) It is not a problem for our students who have a lower course or foreign nationals to attend our course. 3) Students who have previously benefited from the Erasmus program cannot attend our course.

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